My home in the Montana mountains.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."
- Josh Billings 




How to relieve menstrual cramps using pressure points.
I learned this method about a year ago and my life has been indescribably better since, so I decided I would share. :)

Thank you 

here’s to my vagina palsmay this aid your shark week

The reason you’re my BOTM and friend is because you say “vagina pals”

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Anonymous said: Where do you get your hair cut? I have such a hard time finding someone who knows how to cut short hair well. (Like where did you go when you looked like Jack Frost it was perfect)

It’s a place called Root One, it’s in Saugus off of Route One (if you live near me you’ll understand I hope if not I’m sorry)

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Anonymous said: Of course you aren't single just look at how gorgeous you are

Haha thankyou, but I’ve actually been single for quite a while and not being single now is weird af